5 Facts: Why fruits and vegetables are healthy


5 Facts: Why fruits and vegetables are healthy

fruits and vegetables
fruits and vegetables
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Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are essential for our day to day life. People who eat vegetables daily live a very healthy and happy life. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin A, C, potassium and much more important thing for human life. It turns down human bodies blood pressure, cholesterol as well as obtain a healthy weight.

Categories and essential elements:

There is a lot of classes in fruit and vegetables. Some of them can be eaten raw. And some needs to be a cook. They come in a lot of colour shapes and varieties.

  • Red fruits contain lycopene. It helps to keep away cancer and heart disease
  • green vegetables like spinach help to increase eye power.
  • It also keeps away eye-related problems.
  • Blue and purple, like blueberries, contain anthocyanins. It helps to keep us healthy and young.

No single fruit or vegetable can’t provide all the essential nutrition. A fatty diet and healthy fruits can give a good life. The fruit is a crucial source of amino acid. Humans should eat leading fruits every day.

Fruits help to keep the body fresh and healthy. Vegetables have a positive effect on blood sugar.

Vitamins and minerals:

Human cannot live without vitamins and minerals. They are necessary for the building of cells, blood cells, bones, teeth. And they perform important tasks in metabolism and in the interaction of nerves and muscles. Vitamin A, for example, is important for eyesight, vitamin D for calcium absorption and healthy bones.

Because the human organism cannot produce vitamins and minerals itself, they have to be ingested through food – especially vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.

Secondary plant substances:

Fruits and vegetables are colorful, they taste and smell good. The so-called secondary plant substances contribute to this. Only in recent years have scientists recognized their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. They are also likely to lower your risk of cardiovascular and certain cancers.

Around a hundred thousand phytochemicals are known, including polyphenols. Of course, polyphenols are present in plants. They are not vital nutrients, but they have antioxidant properties. Since polyphenols are not an absolutely necessary part of our diet and their health benefits are still being discussed, there are currently no official recommendations on how much of them should be eaten daily.

Only the olive oil (contains hydroxytyrosol, a polyphenol) is the claim that it helps to protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. This beneficial effect is obtained by consuming about two tablespoons of olive oil (20 g) a day.

What is the difference between fruits and vegetables?

Fruit is the fruit or seed of perennial shrubs and trees, for example an apple tree. Perennial means that the plants continue to grow after planting. They bloom every spring and develop new fruits. This arises every year anew and can repeat itself for many years. There are apple trees that are around a hundred years old.

Vegetables, on the other hand, cannot be harvested for so long. Once a plant that produces vegetables is planted, it dies after two years at the latest. That is why, for example, you have to use tomato plants every year in the garden to be able to harvest tomatoes for a summer.

Vegetables can include different parts of a plant, not just fruits or seeds. For example, the carrot is the root of the plant.

Importance of fruits and vegetable:

There are a lot of benefits. It helps us keep our body head to head fresh and reliable. Fruits and vegetables have low sugar, low fat as well as a little salt. They are a good source of fibre. People who eat fruits daily keep their bodies healthy.

They survive with various diseases easily. People with diabetes and heart patients are sticky to take vegetables and fruits.  They contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, which is essential. Raw vegetables eaten are good, but some of them should be cooked. So there is a lot of essential fruits and vegetables.

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