Sour cherries: 8 magical benefits and facts


Sour cherries: magical benefits and facts

Sour Cherry is part of a lot of vitamins and minerals. People who eat Cherry every day they lead a happy life. There are many unique ingredients for human health in Cherry.100g of cherries have less than 100 calories.

sour cherries

 It’s come with a lot of vitamin c. And there are a lot of antioxidants. There is an anti-inflammatory element that provides to keep healthy. It also protects from different types of diseases. They promote a healthy life and arthritis relief.

 There are some facts and magical benefits of Cherry

Prevents arthritis pain

Cherries have a lot of antioxidants. Arthritis happens when uric acid from blood is leaked. Cause of antioxidants, the formation of uric acid are reduced. And arthritis pain relief.

Help to reduce weight

Cherries are very low sugar and short calorie. They mostly made of water and fibre. Fibre helps nutrition for a long time.

Help to boost brain

Cherry can help us to increase brain function. It’s not like that it a magic cure, but it works great.

Faster recovery of muscle

 Cherries help to improve muscle growth. It works when the tissue gets damaged.

Bright skin

As we already know, there is a lot of vitamin-c in Cherry. With vitamins and minerals, it increases the glows of skin. It removes the dead skin cells and helps to grow up a new one.

Prevent cancer and heart disease

Cherries contain flavonoids. It is an excellent source of oxidant. It helps when the growth of cells is out of control.

Lower blood pressure

It is a delicious fruit for a healthy life. They have lots of potassium and amino acid, which is essential to lower blood pressure. More eating of Cherry turn down and remove the sodium from the human body. Consumption of cherries helps to maintain sodium and potassium level.


Most cherries are able to fertilize themselves. However, there are varieties such as the ‘Beautiful from Chatenay’, ‘Queen Hortense’ and ‘Granular Vistula’ that require a second plant for cross-fertilization. Basically, a second type of fertilizer also leads to higher yields for the self-fertile varieties. An ideal pollinator is the ‘morello’.

Unfortunately, however, it is also very susceptible to disease and can therefore no longer be recommended for home gardens with a clear conscience. However, sweet cherries are also suitable as fertilizers, provided they bear flowers at the same time.

Harvesting and recycling

Depending on the location and the climate, the sour cherries are harvested in the summer months of June and July. Ideally, the harvest is done by hand. In addition, it is advisable to harvest the fruits and their style, as this prevents bacteria from penetrating the fruits and making them last longer. Ripe sour cherries are usually recognized by their soft, glassy flesh.

Since the fruits are generally not long-lasting, they should be processed as soon as possible. The milder varieties such as ‘favorite’ are particularly suitable for fresh consumption. All sour cherries are an excellent basis for jelly, compote, fruit juices or syrups. Stoned and boiled, they also taste great with quark and yoghurt dishes, rice pudding, waffles and pancakes.


Sour cherries are only grown by refining in order to transfer the special growth properties of the rootstocks to the varieties. Okulation is normal, i.e. the insertion of an eye in summer. But the manual finishing of two to three year old bare rootstocks in winter by copulation is also easy.

Diseases and pests

Sour cherries are more susceptible to the Monilia top drought than most other cherry trees. The fungus penetrates the shoots through the flowers and causes them to die. Poorly growing trees in particular suffer badly from the infestation, the old varieties ‘Shadow Morelle’ and ‘Morelle Fire’ are particularly susceptible.

However, there are now a number of new varieties that are largely resistant, for example, ‘Morina’, ‘Safir’ and ‘Beutelsbacher Rexelle’.

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